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Move means Tlicho Landtran is the North’s only 100% northern owned/operated transport company

YELLOWKNIFE (September 6, 2016) The Tlicho Investment Corporation is happy to announce that on August 26, 2016, through their subsidiary 964053 NWT Ltd., it acquired the 49% shareholdings of Tlicho Landtran Transport Ltd from Landtran Group Holdings Inc. With this purchase, The Tlicho Investment Corporation now fully owns Tlicho Landtran Transport Ltd, making the company 100% northern owned and operated.

“All benefits from the operation of Tlicho Landtran Transport will now accrue to the Tlicho people and its shareholders and partners, and we want to thank the Tlicho people and our clients for their ongoing support as we move the organization forward,” said Jasper Lamouelle, President of the Tlicho Investment Corporation. “We will continue to provide our valued clients with the service they have come to expect from us and are reaching out to all of our clients to make the transition as seamless as possible as we approach another busy winter road season.”

Tlicho Landtran Transport will contract with Ventures West Transport LP to provide a wide variety of operational and administrative services while maintaining the current complement of local employees. As part of the transition, the Tlicho Investment Corporation has entered into an agreement with TF Energy Solutions Inc. to provide transportation services beyond its current operating perimeter.

Current freight services coming from southern locations to the North will maintain the same schedules as previously operated. To ensure continuity of service, the Tlicho Investment Corp has acquired land and facilities in the NWT and Alberta to facilitate the continuing operations.

For more information, please contact:

Jasper Lamouelle, President/CEO
Tlicho Investment Corporation

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