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Monday Weekly Share #21 Heat Stress Prevention

Monday Weekly Share #21 Heat Stress Prevention

Monday Weekly Share #21 Heat Stress Prevention

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As spring turns into summer and brings on hot weather, we should all be aware of some tips to prevent heat stress. Remember, physical activity at high temperatures can directly affect health and indirectly be the cause of accidents.

Statistics show a rise in temperature can affect workplaces in a negative way. The increased number of injuries and illnesses that crop up during the spring and summer seasons reflects this fact.

Heat stress is a common, yet often ignored hazard in our workplaces. While it is widely recognized that heat stress can pose a serious health hazard to workers, employers may not realize that working in hot environments also increases safety risks.

Way to Prevent Heat Stress:

  1. Drink plenty of cool water (one small cup every 15-20 minutes);
  2. Wear light, loose-fitting, breathable clothing (like cotton);
  3. Take your breaks away from heat sources or direct sunlight. (Allow your body to cool down);
  4. Avoid eating large meals before working in hot environments; and
  5. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages (these beverages make the body lose water and increase the risk of heat related illnesses).

Workers are at Increased Risk When:

  1. They take certain medication (check with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacy, and ask if any medicines you are taking could affect you when working in hot environments);
  2. They have had a heat-induced illness in the past;
  3. They wear personal protective equipment (like respirators or coverall suits); or
  4. They are older in age.


Stay cool and have a safe week

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