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The Community Blog: An Update from Wekweetì

The Community Blog: An Update from Wekweetì

The Community Blog: An Update from Wekweetì

-Written by Zia Costa, Community Manager of Wekweetì


We have a had a great yet challenging nine months.

We have an addition to the family; Malakai.  Brittney’s son.  We are excited to have Brittney returning to work in October at the Lodge.

Darcy and I are the proud Godparents to Malakai and look forward to seeing him every day.

Keaira has been a wonderful help throughout the summer, she will be leaving us in September to return to Yellowknife to complete high school.

Wishing her success and will have her back to work for Christmas and hopefully next summer.

Alysia and Lydia have put in lots of extra hours throughout the summer and have helped in all aspects of the business, they are becoming quite accomplished cooks and are often now having bake sales for the community.

Darcy has undertaken many projects all over the community.  He single-handily restored the large two-story log cabin (house 63) to be lived in after sitting vacant for five years.  He restored the plumbing, heating, electrical, and interior.  We now have House 37B ready to be rented and hope to do the same to the duplex.

Kyla had an ambitious summer with the IMBE program and we look forward to her returning to work at the end of this week.  She was busy around the community helping with many beautification projects.

Logan has just returned to work after successfully completing and passing the heavy equipment training course in Whatì.  

We have had 4 charters of lumber come into Wekweetì over the summer and we are proud to see all of the new buildings go up.  Darcy worked extremely hard on delivering all the lumber as it was purchased.  The amount of work put into these charters was certainly unseen by the community and with the help of volunteers, it went quite seamlessly.  I have to mention the help of Clarence Nasken, CiCi Judas, Steven Dryneck as well as the Community Garage for the use of their truck and trailer to transport the goods to town.

We will be sponsoring a class 3/air brakes course here in Wekweeti in the Fall late September.  We are excited to be expanding our Fuel Services team and to provide Johnny with well-needed assistance.